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Meet Joseph Ellis
Joe has worked his way through the ranks of the electronics manufacturing industry - from Test Technician all the way to Engineering Manager.  In between, he was a Repair Technician, Associate Quality Engineer (zap testing products prior to UL submission) and Test Engineer.  This means he knows what lightning damage can do to an electronic product (he saw it as a Repair Technician and often created it as QA Engineer).  He also knows the importance of "design for manufacturability" due to his multiple stints as a Test Engineer.

Entrepreneurial Endeavors
Around 2002, Joe started an online business selling used / refurbished emulators and development systems, oscilloscopes, probes, carts, compilers and programmers.  This lead to a business creating and hosting web sites and selling domain names and domain reseller plans.  With a home office already set up, Joe continued to do Engineering work from home for a number of years after going to work for another electronics manufacturer.  Seven years later, the owners had a "falling out" and the company was sold. Within a year, they had closed their doors for good.  Joe went straight from that job to consulting.  He's been at it ever since!

Career Highlights
Redesigned perimeter detection system to include environmental compensation to reduce false alarms due to wind, rain, etc.
Designed wireless system for perimeter detection system with AES 128 encryption, channel analyzer and computer-free installation.
Designed internet-based home automation controller with email / text notification and support for power line control of X10 devices.  [actual screen capture]
Designed cellular backup interface modules for GSM radios and CDMA wireless modems that intercept and forward the Contact ID dialer format to a remote server.
Designed multiple access systems employing Dallas iButton devices, including code contributions to this automation controller.
Major code & design contributions to talking alarm remote telephone interface, including recording the vocal sessions & digitization of the speech vocabulary.
Developed in-house test systems specializing in alarm dialer format testing.
Designed multiple micro-based siren drivers, including bi-lingual and recordable versions.
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