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Ellis Embedded Engineering
Ellis Embedded Engineering
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What We Do
We specialize in providing cost-effective firmware and hardware design solutions.  Our background is in the security alarm industry, with an emphasis on digital dialer interfacing, such as dialer capture modules for cellular backup systems.  We've also designed several products for access control, home automation, DMX512 protocol-based LED lighting, as well as wireless and internet-enabled devices.

What Is Firmware?
Firmware is just software that gets programmed into some kind of programmable hardware device - typically a microcontroller.  In the old days, the final debugged code was actually "masked" into the chip at the chip's foundry.  This meant the microcontroller came off the assembly line with your code already in it.  If you found a bug in your code, tough!  Now you see why it was called firmware instead of software.  With the advent of flash technology, masking is no longer needed.  Microcontrollers can be reprogrammed over and over - even in the field!  While our goal is to provide you with a bug-free product, it is good to have that option available in case you want to add features in the future.

Getting Started
So you want us to design your product?  Great!  To get started, give us a call or fill out our contact form.  We'll discuss the product and our fees.  After our discussion, we will get back to you with a quote for the project.

Contact us today and let's do business!
Does your product need to be accessed or controlled via the internet?  Do you want it to send email or text notices of events or changes?  We can do that! 
Does your product need to be wireless?  Encrypted?  Battery powered?  Form a self-healing mesh network?  We can do that! 
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Alarm Accessories?
Are you looking for a family of low-cost sirens with pulse / steady input detection with yelp and temporal fire buzzer?  How about a dialer capture module?  Access control systems?  Home automation with X10 support?  We can do that!
Web Hosting?
Do you need a domain name and  web site to help promote your new product?  Yeah, we can do that, too!